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#project poplar

For years we have found so much value in having an office at our job sites. It affords us a much more intimate relationship with that particular job and makes for quick responses to questions and problems that come up over the course of a project. 

Often times we will select the location of the our site trailer based on other work we are doing around town, helping us to keep moving our base of operations into the best possible geographical area in town. This keeps our crew near the work as we progress. 

Mobile Mini has been tremendous in providing very reasonably priced mobile office solutions that have worked perfectly for us for years. As time has gone by our staff comes up with more and more ideas for how to improve upon the site trailer concept. 

Now the time has come to implement these great ideas and take control of the job site with a construction trailer that can be replicated and potentially placed at each job utilizing a very small footprint, and be easily moveable. 

With the help of many of our trades and design team we are creating the very first model and we are calling it “Poplar.” Each trailer will have warm raw wood accents from the named species. 

We are very excited to get this trailer completed and to its first home. Visit the website or follow on Instagram#projectpoplar to see progress.