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Rick Villani

Rick contends that his passion for real estate, construction and architecture comes from his mother—an artist and interior designer; and his father who owned a real estate brokerage firm, taught real estate classes at the community college, and whose drafting table was the prize possession in his office.

Rick started in construction after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in the 80s, working for Dell Computer in the 90s, and leaving Dell in 2001 to pursue a dream of buying, fixing and selling houses.

In 2003 Rick received the National Contractor of the Year Award from HomeVestors Corporation for his innovative construction process which enabled exceptionally-remodeled homes to be completed quickly and affordably.

In 2007 Rick became a national bestselling author after Gary Keller (founder of Keller Williams Realty) encouraged him to write a book documenting his real estate investing experiences. McGraw-Hill published it and FLIP: How To Find, Fix, And Sell Houses For Profit became a New York Times and BusinessWeek Bestseller. Rick wrote the book with his friend Clay Davis and Keller wrote the forward.

In 2011 Rick teamed up with Preston Graham and renamed the company Villani & Graham.

Today Rick lives in Austin with Carrie, his high school sweetheart and wife of 34 years. They have three adult children: Emily, Jack and Annie.

Rick’s deep faith permeates his personal and business life. He has a fascination about every aspect of the construction process. Other passions include: cycling, hiking, teaching, cooking, hosting dinner parties, 70s music, reading, writing, and mentoring men.

Preston Graham

Born and Raised in San Angelo, Preston grew up under big west Texas skies. As a boy, if he wasn’t playing baseball, crawdad fishing with bacon on a string, riding dirt bikes, or exploring in the woods; he was likely in the garage tinkering, learning how things worked and modifying them to work differently. 

His mother, an artist, rancher, and inventor; and his father, a real estate developer and home builder, both nurtured Preston’s creative interests from an early age. They encouraged him to build, create, explore, adventure and try as many things as he could. 

In the early nineties, Preston moved to Austin with his family where he attended Westlake High School. During that time, Preston spent one summer at the University of Virginia attending architecture classes—an experience that made a big impression and still resonates to this day. 

Preston attended the University of Texas where he met Sunni, the love of his life, and now bride of 17 years. Preston and Sunni have two beautiful children: Genevieve and Thatcher, and two dogs, a lab named Stella and a double-doodle named Gus. 

In 2007, Preston started a construction business with a focus on carpentry that quickly grew into full-scale remodeling. In 2010, while working on a charity housing project, Preston met Rick. The two hit it off and started working together. In 2011 they officially joined forces as Villani & Graham.

Preston is passionate about home building—particularly the art and science of doing it well. He is especially fulfilled by developing deep relationships with the people he works with: Rick, a friend and mentor, the trade-partners who are like family, and clients who put their trust in Villani & Graham. 

Preston loves spending time with his family, tinkering with cars, his weekly Bible study group, woodworking, a good laugh, helping others, music (especially a good playlist challenge), and baking.


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Photos courtesy of Inked Fingers, Lars Frazer, and Villani & Graham